Brand & Communication Strategy

Brand and Communication Strategy aligns business and brand objectives with consumer insight. We identify and understand the problem; we use insight to cut through complexity; and we create inspiring solutions.

In this age of increasing communications noise and competition for people's attention, a brand's ability to resonate with audiences has never been tougher. The practice of advertising avoidance isn't only to do with the tools that people employ to block out ads, such as a DVR's fast-forward button or a pop-up blocker. People have developed a subconscious filter, too. We have become better at honing in on what's important and blocking out everything that is less so.

This is why we believe that real insight into people's motivations and behaviours has never been more important. Brand and Communication strategy exists to help clients deal with the implications of this noisy 'Age of Access' and to partner them in generating solutions to business problems. Solutions that create personal affinity and collective belonging for their customers.